On this day in Yorkshire 1939

40,000 Children Leave Leeds

There was a spirit of calmness and precision as between 40,000 and 50.000 Leeds schoolchildren were evacuated yesterday.

They constituted the first of two sections to be evacuated; the second will leave the city to-day.

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A great many children who were scheduled to be evacuated yesterday did not arrive at the proper time, and it is assumed that many of them must have been on holiday. These will be able to go to-day if they have returned from holiday.

Arrangements have been made by the Education authorities to evacuate all those who are eligible for evacuation to-day. This applies to all mothers with children under five, expectant mothers, cripples and schoolchildren who were not evacuated yesterday.

The Education authorities emphasise that this arrangement applies to all who are eligible, whether they have previously registered for evacuation or not.

They should report at the assembly schools at the proper time this morning. If they do not know what the times are they should ask at the schools nearest to them or any neighbour who has previously registered for evacuation.

No Platform Farewells

It was announced yesterday that until further orders all Leeds schools will be closed as far as school lessons are concerned.

Most of the teachers are absent with the evacuated children. The organisation for yesterday’s evacuation worked perfectly.

Months ago train time tables were prepared for this evacuation. and yesterday every train left on time. Platform tickets were not allowed at the stations.

The children assembled at their schools early in the morning, and were received by teachers and helpers. At the stations were doctors, nurses, and ambulance workers, prepared to meet any emergencies.

On arrival at the stations the children were marshalled in orderly fashion, the teachers conducting them to the coaches.

Seats were allotted so that there should be no overcrowding on the journey.

Parents took their farewells at the schools and all effort was concentrated on making the children think they were going for a holiday into the country with their teachers.

The majority travelled by train, but some 10.000 left Leeds by bus.

The reception areas are in North Lincolnshire, parts of South Yorkshire. Nottinghamshire, and the Yorkshire Dales.

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