Depraved Leeds rapist who threatened to dissolve daughter in acid tried to claim she 'seduced' him

Kim ChownKim Chown
Kim Chown
A former university lecturer from Leeds who carried out a 'campaign of rape' against his own daughter threatened to dissolve her body in acid if she ever revealed the abuse.

Former university lecturer Francis Beaumont, 79, was jailed for 20 years after being convicted of five offences of rape against Kim Chown.

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Leeds Crown Court heard Mrs Chown, now aged 53, suffered years of physical, sexual and psychological abuse at the hands of her father.

Francis BeaumontFrancis Beaumont
Francis Beaumont

Jurors were told Beaumont, a university lecturer in histology, began the abuse when he took his daughter to live in Kenya.

Beaumont often plied the youngster with alcohol which led to her battling for years with alcoholism.

Mrs Chown was forced to take the contraceptive pill by her father but twice became pregnant, resulting in her having to have two abortions.

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Beaumont continued to abuse his daughter when they returned to live in Guiseley, Leeds, and raped her up until the age of 20.

Beaumont, of Brackenwood Green, Geldhow, Leeds, was found guilty of five offences of rape in the UK, between 1979 and 1985.

Beaumont threatened to dissolve her body in sulphuric acid dump her remains in the Kenyan bush if she told anyone.

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Beaumont lied to police after his arrest then lied again to the jury when he took to the witness box during his trial.

The pensioner initially denied any sexual contact had ever taken place with his daughter when he was first questioned by officers after he was finally arrested in 2015.

By the time of his trial he claimed that they had been in a consensual sexual relationship when she was 17.

Beaumont stood in the witness box and claimed his own daughter had "seduced" him.

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He also tried to claim he believed Mrs Chown was not his natural daughter.

Judge Bayliss said: "The jury rejected your claims.

"Your daughter had nowhere to turn, she was isolated and afraid of you and by threats of violence and manipulation she remained silent.

The judge said Beaumont was now in poor health and it is likely that the 79-year-old will die in custody.

He added: "Those who sexually abuse children must realise, as you now realise, that it will have consequences after it comes to light - even if that reckoning is years and years after the abuse.

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"This is a case where your sexual depravity has wrecked a young life. The life of a child who relied on you and loved you as a father.

"You are, Mr Beaumont, a manipulative man and a sexual predator.

"Now, after many years, you must finally take the consequences of what you did to your young and vulnerable daughter."

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Cowley, who heads Leeds District Safeguarding Unit, said: “Beaumont has been convicted of a catalogue of abuse against a child who he systematically exploited over a number of years.

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“We should never underestimate the damage that such offences do to victims, particularly when, as in this case, they have waited many years for the truth to finally come out.

"It clearly illustrates once again how the passage of time is no barrier to justice.

West Yorkshire Police treats any allegations of this nature seriously and has specialist safeguarding officers who will investigate and ensure victims are fully supported throughout the process.

“We hope the victim in this case can take some comfort from knowing Beaumont has finally had to face the consequences of his actions.”