Disturbing moment man reveals terrifying '˜Luther mask' to young woman on Sheffield busÂ

This is the disturbing moment a man wearing a '˜Luther man' shocked a young Sheffield woman travelling alone on a bus.Â

Masked man on bus
Masked man on bus

The 22-year-old was travelling on the 120 bus from Sheffield towards Crystal Peaks on Thursday when a man at the front of the bus began talking to her. 

She said that the man asked her a series of questions including what her surname was, if she was travelling alone and where she lived. 

After questioning the young woman, the man then turned round and revealed he was wearing an anime mask, similar to one worn in the film '˜Spirited Away'. 

Masked man on bus

The young woman described the incident as '˜the creepiest bus journey of my life' and warned girls to be careful when travelling on the bus alone. 

After sharing a clip of the disturbing incident on Facebook, many people described it to a similar terrifying scene in the BBC detective drama Luther. 

In the scene, a woman is brutally murdered on the top deck of a London bus by a serial killer in a neon lit hoodie and a clown mask. 

The killer is initially seen behind her before silently crawling along the floor towards her and then viciously stabbing her to death. 

Masked man on Sheffield bus

The young woman said she was unable to report the incident to the bus driver as the man was sat near the stairs and she was '˜too scared to go past him'.

The 22-year-old has reported the incident to police who have described it as an '˜unnerving moment'. 

South Yorkshire Police have confirmed they are aware of the incident and have spoken to a man in his 30's. 


Masked man on Sheffield bus