The dog debate: Should canines be allowed inside Yorkshire's cafes?

A Yorkshire Post reader has expressed her concern over the number of dogs allowed into cafes alongside their owners.

Mrs J Thornton finds canine-friendly coffee shops in her hometown of Whitby intimidating when the animals confront each other, and also believes the trend to allow pets inside has implications for hygiene standards.

She writes:

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"I am concerned about all the cafes in Whitby which allow dogs into them. I went into a cafe and there were four dogs in there.

"Occasionally there is some disagreement between them and that can be quite disturbing - and sometimes the smell is awful.

"It seems so very unhealthy where people are eating meals and I think it is so unfair to customers to have to put up with it, especially if a person suffers with asthma or other breathing difficulties. It’s very unhygienic and I think it should stop.

"If people have dogs with them it would be a good idea to have a dog area outside, maybe have a rail to fasten their lead to and a bowl of water, there could even be a hut to shelter in the rainy weather. Dogs are off-putting when you are eating a nice piece of cake.

"I do like dogs, but in the right place."

Dog-friendly cafes deliberately targeted at pet owners have become increasingly popular in recent years.

In Otley, Salami & Co opened last year to cater for dog walkers using the nearby Chevin, while in Hebden Bridge's Lamppost Cafe has been nominated for a Visit England tourism award. Both eateries serve special menus just for dogs.