Doncaster man jailed for burglaries

Liam Duffy, 24, of Bentley Avenue, Doncaster.Liam Duffy, 24, of Bentley Avenue, Doncaster.
Liam Duffy, 24, of Bentley Avenue, Doncaster.
A South Yorkshire man was jailed for 30 months yesterday for two burglaries.

Liam Duffy, 24, of Bentley Avenue, Doncaster appeared before Sheffield Crown Court to receive his sentence after being found guilty of two counts of burglary at an earlier trial.

Duffy was arrested by police in February after his finger prints were matched two properties in Doncaster, one on Whisperwood Drive, Balby and one on Twigg Crescent, Armthorpe, both of which he had broken into in January and February.

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In both of the burglaries, Duffy stole a number of items and caused extensive damage to their windows in order to gain entry.

PC Alex Owen who investigated the burglaries has said: "Duffy, who stole electrical items, DVDs and alcohol, gave no thought to the impact his selfish actions would have on the victims of these crimes.

"Burglary is an extremely intrusive crime that is very distressing for victims and I hope they now feel justice has been achieved, as Duffy is being punished for his actions.

"In all instances of burglary we endeavour to catch offenders and where possible we will do everything we can to bring them before the courts."