Doncaster pub launches fish-free vegan fish and chips

A Doncaster pub has launched fish-free vegan fish and chips as part of a new vegan range of plant-based dishes.

The Mallard now serves vegan fish and chips.

The Mallard, in the Frenchgate Shopping Centre, now has a menu which includes seven plant-based dishes, including pub classic fish and chips.

The meal, which is produced by VBites, is made of succulent fish-free '˜fish' flakes '“ and the menu also includes a Bakewell tart which is served with vegan vanilla flavoured ice cream.

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Penny Smith, general manager at the Mallard, said: 'We know our local customers have a wide range of diets and tastes, so it's important that we experiment with exciting new dishes and flavour combinations to ensure we cater for this.  

The Mallard now serves vegan fish and chips.

'We've not only introduced a number of new plant-based dishes to our menu, but we've also put a spin on some of the traditional pub classics we offer, such as fish and chips which is now available with vegan fish-free flakes and is already proving popular with locals.

'So, whether you're vegan, veggie, or just fancy trying something new, we look forward to welcoming people in Doncaster to come and try our tasty new meat-free offering!'

The dishes on offer include a vegan roasted tomato soup, served with vegan poppy seed bun, chickpea and sweet potato curry and a vegan falafel burger.