Drinks firm to be on top of the world

A FAIRTRADE drinks company is aiming to set up the world’s highest café – at Everest base camp.

Cafeology, based in Sheffield, has teamed up with expedition company worker Adam Ward to run the café at base camp for three months.

They leave next Thursday and Mr Ward, who will be both chef and manager at the venture, will arrive at base camp nine days later, on his 30th birthday.

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Mr Ward, who works for company Jagged Globe, said: “I thought it would be a real treat for climbers and something to wash down the goat curry and rack of yak.

“I feel all the usual excitement and apprehension that I normally do when I’m going off on a climbing expedition, but it will be especially difficult to leave my girlfriend and 18-month-old daughter behind.

“I’m hoping the satellite phone and internet won’t be too temperamental while I’m over there.”

Toni Unkles, operations manager for Cafeology, said: “Coffee is grown at altitude, so we couldn’t resist the thought of it being drunk back at altitude too.

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“We’ve packed up 20 kilos of our single-blend Colombian roast, as well as some tea and hot chocolate, which we’re going to air freight out to Kathmandu for Adam to collect.”

Climber and mountaineer Mr Ward has also previously been a private chef, as well as running his own catering business.

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