Drunk yobs crackdown as residents plagued

POLICE and council bosses are today set to agree tough measures to tackle drink-related trouble in two communities after a survey found 89 per cent of people had suffered problems.

People in Conisbrough and Denaby, near Doncaster, were questioned about anti-social behaviour linked to alcohol during a month's consultation in April and May.

Also 80 per cent of those questioned had experienced issues with litter, cans and bottles, while 74 per cent had suffered with noise problems caused by drunks.

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Doncaster Council has powers under the Criminal Justice and Police Act to enforce Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs), which give police powers to deal with trouble.

Members of Doncaster Council's Cabinet are set to give support for a DPPO for Conisbrough and Denaby today, meaning new fines and other sanctions will be available to officers.

In a report to the meeting, the authority's director of neighbourhoods and communities Jane Miller says: "The problem of rowdy behaviour relates to large groups of people drinking in public.

"Groups of young people are congregating in certain locations in Conisbrough and Denaby where they harass and intimidate local residents. This causes residents to avoid these locations.

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"Some of the drunken behaviour escalates into property being vandalised – both homes and vehicles."

According to Mrs Miller, the police inspector in charge of Doncaster's west safer neighbourhood team, Insp Ray Mountfourd "fully supports" the need for a DPPO.

Under the order police can tell people to stop drinking alcohol in public, and if necessary will confiscate alcohol from those causing trouble. They have the power of arrest if drinkers refuse.

If someone is arrested for failing to follow the instructions of an officer, they could be issued with an 80 fixed penalty notice or taken to court and given a 500 fine and be banned from drinking in public.