Dynamic Dewsbury pharmacist makes a magical transformation

Adam Patel: magicianAdam Patel: magician
Adam Patel: magician
A DEWSBURY pharmacist is aiming to follow in the footsteps of Yorkshire's most magical entertainer, Dynamo by dispensing with his day job and conjuring up a new career as a television magician.

Adam Patel has already established a reputation for the quality of his street magic and the 30-year-old hopes to transfer that experience to the small screen in his own four-part TV show.

Mr Patel is currently in negotiation with a number of TV companies and will begin filming his new series at various locations across the country next month, including Leeds and his home town.

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“We have already done a few films for Youtube on a very limited budget but we’ve got more money this time and are looking to produce a much more ambitious series of programmes,” said Mr Patel.

Adam Patel.Adam Patel.
Adam Patel.

Magic has been my life for the last 18 years and doing it full time was a big decision, but one I’m really pleased I did.

“As an Asian man, my family found it really difficult to support me at first because performing arts just isn’t the done thing, but they’re fine with it now and are fully behind me.”

In his Youtube videos, Adam Patel: Urban Illusionist, Mr Patel performs a series of magic tricks that have the public both baffled and delighted.

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Comparisons with Dynamo, aka Bradford magician Steven Frayne who is currently midway through a national tour of major arenas, are inevitable but Mr Patel is keen to distance himself from any perception that his is a copycat act.

“I take an honest approach, rather than try to tell people I have special power,” he said. “I will tell people what I am doing as I am doing it, which takes a lot of practice.

“I also do more mind reading, whilst Dynamo does more visuals. You get 50-50 from me; from Dynamo it’s more visual stuff.”