Essential tips if you plan to build your own home

Fans of shows like Grand Designs probably find themselves contemplating building their own home. With enough money, time and drive, it’s a genuine possibility. It’s a truly epic feat that needs to be done properly. Here are a few things to consider if you want to build your own house.

Benefits of Building Your Own House

So let’s first look at a few reasons why people opt for self-builds. Here are a few benefits of building your own home:

If done properly, self-builds will be worth far more than the cost of construction.

Uncommon or costly features such as energy efficient windows can be included in your build, usually at a reduced cost compared to adding them into a purchased home.

Upgrades on luxury items like marble countertops or flooring is easier and cheaper to do in a self-build.

Personal touches and style can be reflected throughout the home.

A Huge Time Commitment

Regardless of the process, building is a massive commitment. Taking up as much time as an additional part-time (sometimes full-time) job. Self-builds can take a number of years to complete and it can be hard and costly to change your mind once it has started.

Research and Plan everything

Above everything, when building a new home research and plan everything to perfection. This is a huge investment of time, money and effort.

Be sure to get all the facts about the area before the move. Answer questions like, “Is this neighbourhood safe?” and “How long will my commute be?”, using a property detective report.

Get Some Land and Crunch the Numbers

Before building ask questions like, “Can I afford this?” and “Where do I want to build?”. Become an expert on planning permission as well as understanding of rules and regulations. It’s not always easy to find land, but ask around, often estate agents, architects or even the local planning office will be able to assist. And over-estimate on all costs, a rule of thumb is it’s best to allow at least 10% of the budget to cover unexpected costs.

Get the Right People on Board

No experience, no problem. There’s a wealth of people who can bring this dram to life. Whether opting for a package supplier, an architect or designer, it’s important to be confident they are the right people. It’s important to take a look at the reputation of any builders/contractors used, contact friends and other known professionals to get trusted recommendations.

Think About Resale

Building to sell on or not, it’s important to consider how decisions will affect resale value. Answering questions like, “Are there nearby amenities a buyer would want?” and “Will the home be near a good school?” can establish a strong case for a viable resale. Consider future buyers when adding personalised interior touches so not to damage future value.

Consider Going Green

Building a house is a great way to go green. It’s difficult and costly to make an existing house sustainable. It becomes part of the process when building a new one. Going green can lower future running costs and won’t cost as much as it would making changes to an existing home.

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