Ever wanted to build an igloo? See community's snow attraction in Leeds park

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Creative residents have clubbed together to build an authentic igloo in a Leeds park.

Using the snow that fell throughout the week, about 30 people helped create the ice structure in Beeston's Cross Flatts Park yesterday (Thursday).

Ed Carlisle with the igloo in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston, Leeds. Picture: Steve Riding.

Ed Carlisle with the igloo in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston, Leeds. Picture: Steve Riding.

The cool attraction, now a feature near the bottom end of the park, was the brainchild of Ed Carlisle, who took to social media to ask for help in building the igloo.

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He said he looked at blogs online for ideas, and the group followed a method in an attempt to build an authentic Inuit-style igloo using a spiral design by forming "snow bricks".

The dad-of-one, from Beeston, told the YEP: "I have always wanted to build an igloo and I think lots of people have.

"Winters come and go and we usually get pretty rubbish snow in Leeds.

"Miraculously, it worked - the snow was perfect. It was hard work but people have loved it.

"It was great to see a wide range of people doing it together from different backgrounds. It was a team effort."

It took the group about 10 hours, from 11am until 9pm on Thursday, to finish.

Mr Carlisle, who lives close to the park in Beeston, said he can now see the impressive ice structure from his home.

The 39-year-old added: "It's been great to see lots of people just stopping and taking the time to admire it."

For those hoping to catch a glimpse in the flesh, he said he thinks the igloo will be standing for at least two or three more days.

Mr Carlisle said he will be standing in the next local elections for the Hunslet and Riverside ward as a Green Party candidate.

How did the team actually do it?

Mr Carlisle said he followed a spiral method to build the igloo.

The group used plastic containers, about a foot in length and width.

They took turns loading the containers with snow to form horizontal bricks.

The snow bricks were then packed into the igloo using snow to seal the walls.