Every little doesn't help when there's a cigarette butt in your monkey nuts

A MOTHER said she felt sickened after her teenage son found a cigarette end in a packet of monkey nuts bought from a South Yorkshire branch of Tesco.

Jack Cawthorne, from Eastwood, Rotherham, was halfway through the packet of nuts when he picked out the piece of a Chinese cigarette.

Dawn Cawthorne, 41, said: "It just makes you wonder what conditions these nuts are prepared in.

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"You can understand it if it was a piece of plastic, or something relating to the packaging process. But when I realised what it was I just envisaged some dirty factory worker and it falling out of the worker's mouth into the nuts. It's not only put me off nuts, it's put me off Tesco too."

A Tesco spokesman said the nuts were packaged in the UK but came from South America.

He added: "Such a find is extremely rare. We have said sorry to the customer and are investigating further with our suppliers."