Everything a Londoner needs to know about Leeds ahead of Channel 4 move to Yorkshire

Leeds was announced as the new home of Channel 4 earlier this week, beating off tough competition from Manchester and Birmingham to become the new national headquarters.

300 jobs are set to be relocated from the capital as Channel 4 brings its national headquarters to Leeds
300 jobs are set to be relocated from the capital as Channel 4 brings its national headquarters to Leeds

The public service broadcaster's move further cements Leeds' reputation as the centre of the North, and 300 jobs are set to be relocated from the capital as part of the plans.

With bosses at Channel 4 also aiming to boost the amount of spending on programmes outside of London by £250 million, the future is looking bright for the region.

But for those who may be uprooted to the North as part of the relocation, life in Yorkshire could present something of a culture shock for the unacquainted.

Londoners will find property prices significantly cheaper in the North, along with the cost of food and drink

Here are a few essentials Londoners need to know about Leeds.

Property prices

Londoners can look forward to having quite a bit of pocket money left over if they relocate to Leeds, as properties here are a mere bargain by comparison.

While the average property price in London is an eye-watering £656,217, the average in Leeds three times cheaper at only £213,101, according to Zoopla.

Shoppers will find an array of outlets to splash their cash in Leeds city centre

And you'll likely get a lot more for your money too, with more than one bedroom and room to wander around.

Cheap drinks

Nights will no longer take their toll on the purse strings, with the average cost of a pint in Leeds nearly half what it costs in London.

Beer drinkers can revel at the refreshingly affordable Yorkshire price of just £2.60 a pint, compared to London's steep average of around £4.57.

Up North, that's nearly two for the price of one.

Yorkshire slang

The Yorkshire dialect can be tricky to understand, so Londoners will have to adjust to our unique turn of phrase.

'Ey up' is an essential all southerns will need to familiarise themselves with, as Leeds folk tend to do away with the typical 'hello' greeting in favour of this far friendly phrase.

'Be reet' may be dropped into conversation at work and is a Yorkshire way of assuring someone everything will be fine, while 'got monk on' could be used to refer to someone who is in a grump.

We also eat breadcakes in the north, not a bap or a roll, and we're rather partial to a proper brew (Yorkshire tea only).

Famous folk

London may be celebrity central, but the North has had its fair share of stars over the years.

Spice Girl Mel B, Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis, Bridget Jones creator Helen Fielding and furniture maker Thomas Chippendale are just a few of the famous folk who were proudly born out of Leeds.

Must-see sites

London may be home to the mighty Houses of Parliament, the impressive London Eye and the like of Buckingham Palace, but that's not to say there's not much to see here in Leeds.

Harewood House serves as our own version of the Queen's abode, where visitors can enjoy artwork, attractive gardens and a visit delightful family of Penguins.

The Tower of London may be a mighty fortress, but in the north we house the UK's national collection of arms and armour, which can be viewed on display at the Royal Armouries.

And history fans won't be short of an attraction or two, with the National Coal Mining Museum, spooky Armley Mills and exceptionally gory Thackray Medical Museum all calling Leeds home.

It may not quite live up to the grandeur of the National History Museum in London, but Leeds folk have never had any complaints.

Where to shop

Keen shoppers will need to make themselves well acquainted with 'Briggate' when they land in Leeds - the main shopping street for those not in the know.

It may not boast a Harrods, Selfridge's, or Fortnum and Mason, but we're more than happy with our Marks and Spencer, Topshop and Poundland all rolled into one close vicinity.