Exhibition opens in last-ditch attempt to calm trees row

CONTROVERSIAL plans to plant dozens of trees in front of guesthouses on Bridlington seafront have gone on show in a last-ditch effort to appease critics.

The number of trees was reduced from 80 to 33 following an outcry from hoteliers in Pembroke Terrace who claimed sea views would be blocked.

Many of the visitors to the exhibition at Bridlington Spa yesterday however, refused to be convinced that planting fewer would avoid the problem, one protester carrying a banner boldly stating "No trees".

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The proposals are part of multi-million-pound plans to revamp the area surrounding the Spa and include a raised stage area and seating for outside performances, with the distinctions between the pedestrian areas and road blurred to make a "shared space".

The head of Bridlington Renaissance John Lister said people were split 50-50 on the trees but he felt the numbers were now reduced to the "bare minimum".

He said: "We've listened already to the consultation and what we are showing at this event is a reduced plan based on consultation that we've had over the last few months. There is so much in favour of the tree canopy that we are not going to take it out altogether."

The president of the Bridlington Hotel and Guest House Association, Glen Holmes,said he was sure the proposals would enhance the area around the Spa, but for hoteliers along Pembroke Terrace the trees were still a sticking point.

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He said: "The selling point of the guesthouses is the seaview and it would block out some of the sea views and it wouldn't be as open as it has been all these years.

"The solution is to keep talking and work with each other."