Facebook's oldest user dies aged 104

A WEST Yorkshire woman who became the world's oldest social networker has died aged 104.

Ivy Bean achieved international fame as a result of her use of the Facebook internet site despite her advanced years and she died yesterday morning.

Hours earlier she had taken a telephone call from one of her fans, singer Peter Andre.

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She had attracted nearly 5,000 friends by the time she died and was also renowned for updating more than 56,000 followers on the Twitter system – more than most celebrities.

Mrs Bean set up her Facebook profile after hearing about a 97-year-old French woman who also had a profile.

And Mr Andre wasn't the only famous person she had time for, her fan base on Twitter and Facebook was star-studded – including such famous names as actor Ashton Kutcher, Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans, the late footballer George Best's son, Callum, and the former Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown.

Mrs Bean, a widow, became friends with Mr Andre after he met her at a supermarket event last year.

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When he telephoned the care home, staff say she opened her eyes and "gave a little smile" for the first time in 24 hours.

Pat Wright, the manager of Hillside Manor in Bradford, said: "She hadn't opened her eyes for 24 hours before that but she did for him and gave a little smile even though she couldn't say anything.

"He told her that he was thinking about her, that she was such a strong woman and an inspiration, and told her that he loved her. When Peter rang and started talking to her we were all in tears, I just said 'Ivy, Peter's here for you'.

"Then you heard 'hello darling, it's Peter', she just opened her eyes while he said all these things and then closed them again."