Family trio scoop £6.7m Lotto jackpot

A LOTTERY winner whose family syndicate scooped £6.7m said it was the first time he had ever won anything.

Mark Holmes, 28, was speaking with his brother Ian, 32, and his father Les, 58, as they celebrated having one of two winning tickets for Saturday's Lotto double roll-over jackpot.

The family, from Doncaster, won 6,722,094, which they are dividing equally – giving them 2,240,698 each.

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Mark and his partner Holly Wright run two small businesses and he said the cash would give him and his family security.

"It's just knowing that the whole family is safe, especially in this climate with lots of people losing their jobs," he said.

Mark and Holly run a festival coach transport firm and an online shop for Fairtrade furniture.

"Up until now I've been unluckiest person I know. We tried before – we've done some of the crosswords in the papers – but we've never won anything at all," he said.

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Mark said he was watching The X Factor on Saturday night when his brother rang, telling him to check the ticket. After realising they had the winner, they put it tucked in an old tin to keep it safe.

Machine operator Ian, who has two young children, said he and his wife Debbie, 28, will take their children to Disneyland for a holiday.

Toolsetter Les, who is married to Joyce, 56, said: "I'd like to go back to Australia and possibly get a new car." He added: "It's just the shock of it. It's only just starting to sink in."

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