Fans will be refunded if rockers Puddle Of Mudd fail to deliver full concert on return to town after chaotic show last year, says Doncaster club boss

A Doncaster music venue boss has said that fans will be refunded if US rockers Puddle Of Mudd fail to deliver a full concert on their return to the town later this month after a chaotic show at the same venue last year.

Wes Scantlin at last year's concert at Diamond Live Lounge. (Photo: Robin Burns).

Dominic Gibbs, owner of the Diamond Live Lounge in Wood Street has pledged that anyone buying a ticket for the July 25 show will get half of their ticket price back if the band don't complete their set.

The band have been invited back to play at the club, despite the group's Doncaster show ending in complete disarray 16 months ago when the band walked off, leaving lead singer Wes Scantlin staggering around the stage swigging from a spirits bottle, being heckled by an angry audience and being accused of being high on drink and drugs.

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Dominic, who has been locked in discussions with the band's promoters to thrash out a deal that will help protect fans, said: "I have had tough negotiations with the band's agents and management to ensure there is some protection for the paying public.

"I didn't like not getting a refund for the poor performance last time and then not being able to pass that on to the fans. I will retain a certain amount of the fee this time to ensure either a full performance or a 50% reduction to the paying public.

He added: "I am also adding a local support band to the event to help ticket sales and to help build the local scene. Serpent Kings will be invited to play alongside Puddle Of Mudd."

Earlier this year, he admitted he had doubts over the show by the singer who has a string of arrests and cancelled concerts to his name.

He said: "I personally deliberated over the decision to book them for many, many weeks and I still don't know if it is the right decision."

Video later emerged of Scantlin, whose hits include Blurry, being booed, jeered and sworn at by outraged fans during the show. Photos of the star drinking in nearby Cask Corner pub and posing for pictures in a coffin were shared on social media.