Firm donates glass for conservatory facelift

A FIRM is donating all the glass needed to reglaze the grade II listed conservatory in Greenhead Park, Huddersfield.

The conservatory is undergoing refurbishment as part of a 5m project to return the park to its former glory.

Lockwood-based Novaglass Gardner and Newton Ltd is supplying and cutting the glass – some 450 sq metres – free of charge.

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Ken Woodcock established the company over 20 years ago in a small workshop in Park Avenue, just around the corner from the conservatory. Even at that time, the conservatory was in decline, with the majority of windows being broken, and the building being in general disrepair.

When he learned of plans to make the conservatory once again the jewel in the crown of the Victorian park, Mr Woodcock, whose firm now employs some 50 plus staff and is based in larger premises in Lockwood, was keen to help.

He said: "Park Avenue and the people of Huddersfield gave me a good start, so it's my way of thanking them."

The company will provide nearly 2,000 panes of varying sizes ranging from 18in x 12in to tiny triangles. All have had to be hand-cut because of their individual measurements, partly because the conservatory has changed shape over the years.

The reglazing started in June and will take until the end of the summer to complete.