First picture of the reunited Spice Girls WITHOUT Victoria Beckham

Spice Girls Twitter profile pictureSpice Girls Twitter profile picture
Spice Girls Twitter profile picture
The countdown is on for the big Spice Girls announcement and the girls have released a new photo, without one member.

It must be the worst kept secret in showbiz, and head of the rumoured tour announcement, Spice Girls have signed up for social networking site Twitter.

Emma Bunton blabbed on her Heart Breakfast radio show that there would be an announcement at 3pm on social media, telling fans to follow the newly created @SpiceGirls account.

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The page has tweeted once, telling fans to stay tuned for an announcement.

The profile picture features just four of the five band members, with Victoria Beckham missing from the line up.

Leeds' own Mel B is expected to tour with Emma Bunton, Geri Horner and Mel C.

It is thought Victoria Beckham is missing the tour as she is focused on her career as a fashion designer.

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According to The Sun, the band has recorded a video message that will be broadcast today, ahead of an appearance on Jonathan Ross’s chat show the following Saturday.

Emma Bunton has said she is "so excited" ahead of a Spice Girls announcement, which she said will happen on Monday afternoon.

Bunton told listeners of her Heart Breakfast radio show, while being probed for details by co-host Jamie Theakston, that "everything will be announced just after 3pm today on social media, you can go to @SpiceGirls".

She added, to Theakston: "Please don't look at me any more, or I might just blurt it out."

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Bunton refused to share further details, and said: "After 3pm today you will find out everything.

"I'm just so excited, I want it out there. It'll be brilliant."

The Spice Girls, formed in 1994 and one of the most successful acts of the decade, but they have not performed together since the London Olympics closing ceremony in 2012.

Speculation about the Spice Girls reuniting for a tour has followed Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner since they last reunited to perform at the London Olympics in 2012.

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The Girl Power group officially split up in 2000, and although their fanbase has all grown up millions around the world still sing along to the likes of Wannabe, 2 Become 1 and Spice Up Your Life.