Former West Yorkshire police officer jailed for historic rape crime

A former West Yorkshire Police officer has been jailed for a rape he committed while on duty 40 years ago.

Former police officer David Lomax was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court today for a rape crime dating back 40 years.

David Lomax, now 83, was sentenced to four years and nine months at Leeds Crown Court by Judge Mairs who told Lomax he had “brought shame” on the police force as he thought for 40 years he had gotten away with his crime.

The jury spent more than five and a half hours deliberating and, with a majority of 11 to one, found Lomax guilty of two counts - rape and misconduct in public office.

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During evidence they had heard Lomax, a warrant officer at the time of the offence on October 20, 1978, went to the victim’s home to collect fine payments but when she couldn’t pay, offered her an alternative.

The victim’s statement said the rape led to a distrust of police so she no longer rang them as she suffered domestic violence.

The judge said: “I am quite satisfied you thought your position gave you power and impunity as well. You threatened her with custody, her daughter being taken into care and offered her an escape route. That was to satisfy your sexual needs.”

Mr Mair said Lomax, of Esher Grove, Waterlooville in Hampshire, thought she wouldn’t have the courage to report him. However, she did and an investigation was held in 1978 but it petered out. It was re-visited via the Cold Case Review and Lomax was arrested in 2017.

Judge Mair said: “You again lied to officers and before this jury. You said it was a shame the police investigated suspected crime that was 40 years old instead of dealing with modern matters.

“The only shame is that you have brought upon yourself and wrongly on the police force.”