Fox is sole suspect as family are inundated with shoes

A FOX with an apparent footwear fetish has been making a daily delivery of shoes to a family’s garden.

Elaine Hewitt with daughter Felicity. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Elaine and William Hewitt have been “donated” dozens of items of footwear – including designer trainers, work boots and leather shoes – left as gifts by the animal.

As the collection has grown over the last two months, the couple, who have three children, have set up a shoe rack at their home in Hosforth, Leeds, to reunite the footwear with the original owners.

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Mrs Hewitt, 40, said the fox has stole up to 40 shoes from her neighbours’ doorsteps and porches.

“It started a few months ago when a pair of Y-Fronts appeared on the lawn in the back garden,” she said. “It was quite alarming really, but then the next day there was a shoe left in the same place. I realised there was an animal bringing them and then on a daily basis we got a shoe delivered.”

The shoes, which are never damaged, are left overnight by the fox which has a den nearby.

Mrs Hewitt said: “We see the fox around a lot. I think she might bring them back as toys for her cubs.”

Despite advertising the miscellaneous shoes to neighbours, Mrs Hewitt and her husband still have a pile of footwear, as well as baseball gloves and underwear left by the fox.