Ghost hunt in historic Yorkshire hotel

A group of paranormal detectives are inviting ghost hunters to investigate spooky goings-on at one of Yorkshire's oldest hotels.

Spookology are holding vigils at the Grand Hotel in Scarborough, where a lady wearing a long red dress is reputed to haunt the corridors.

The overnight event takes place on April 15 from 8.30pm until 2am, and participants can choose to stay over in the hotel's guest rooms.

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Described as an 'active location' for hauntings, the Grand was built in 1867 and was once one of the world's largest hotels. It boasted over 300 rooms and attracted a wealthy clientele during Scarborough's heyday as an upmarket spa resort.

Visitors over the years are said to have witnessed items flying across rooms, objects falling from walls and doors shaking. Screaming, singing, laughter and period music have also been heard.

During World War One, the hotel was damaged during a German naval bombardment, and was hit at least 30 times. RAF trainees were stationed there during World War Two and the corner cupolas were used to house anti-aircraft guns.

Famous guests include Winston Churchill, and author Anne Bronte died while staying at lodgings on the site.

The event costs £30 to attend, excluding overnight accommodation.