Ghost Stories from the Archives: A Haunted Hospital

From the Yorkshire Evening Post in 1896 comes this tale ...

Ghost Stories from the Archives
Ghost Stories from the Archives

The North Bierley District Council met last night, Mr. Firth (chairman) presiding.

Mr. Morley (the sanitary inspector), in reply to the Chairman, said that he had been to the hospital, and was told that there had been a person sent there from Bradford, and who stayed there from Wednesday till Friday for the purpose of isolation, owing to his having been in company with a man who had died from small-pox in Bradford.

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On the Friday the man ran away from the hospital because he thought that the place was haunted.

The Chairman said that there had been reports for 50 years that the place is haunted. Mr. E. Smith replied that the man had bolted from fear of a ghost.

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