‘Great while it lasted’ headstone for Savile

The headstone over Sir Jimmy Savile’s grave will be decorated as he wished with the words: “It was great while it lasted”.

The TV personalty, famed for his trademark cigar and gold bling, died on October 29 last year at his home in Leeds, just two days before his 85th birthday. He was buried after an elaborate three-day funeral.

Family and friends have now unveiled plans for Sir Jimmy’s grave in Scarborough, where his gold-coloured coffin is buried at a 45-degree angle.

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The grey granite headstone will include three adapted photographs showing him through his life.

Sir Jimmy’s friend, hairdresser Howard Silverman, said: “He always told me that he wanted: ‘It was great while it lasted’ on his tombstone.”

Pictures on headstone will show Sir Jimmy in his much-loved BBC role as Top of the Pops host, while another will show him with dark hair.

The third photograph shows him in his favourite round red-lensed glasses, which were once stolen by a young fan when he was at a function at the Queens Hotel in Leeds.

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Sir Jimmy’s niece, Amanda McKenna, 49, who helped to organise his funeral with her cousin Roger Foster, said: “It is going to be difficult to describe what his profession was – maybe DJ, broadcaster, entertainer, philanthropist, Knight of St Gregory and sportsman. It will be quite a list.”

She added that she was planning to plant some purple heather taken from the hillside in Glencoe, near Sir Jimmy’s Scottish cottage, and may even pour a bottle of whisky over the grave.

Sir Jimmy did not request a gold-coloured coffin, but his relatives were convinced it was the right thing to do.

The headstone is expected to be installed in a few months’ time.