Halifax flats will not be evacuated while '˜failed' cladding is removed

The cladding on three blocks of high rise flats in Halifax will be removed after it failed fire safety tests.

Mixenden flats

But Together Housing, which owns properties in Calderdale, said residents would not be moved out of Mixenden towers Jumples Court, Mixenden Court and Wheatley Court while work takes place.

An investigation into cladding on blocks throughout the country has begun in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster in which at least 80 were killed.

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Director of Property Services at Together Housing director of property service George Paterson said: “Together Housing will be removing the cladding as soon as possible in a planned and safe manner that causes minimal disruption.

“As soon as a timescale for this is available we will be sharing it with residents through our weekly communications.

“We are aware that some residents have raised concerns about the render, which covers the walls where the cladding is not present. We have absolutely no reason to believe that there is any safety concern with this, so are prioritising the removal of the cladding, however our independent consultants will review the render and insulation as part of our comprehensive fire safety review.”

A spokesman for the group said a risk assessment had been carried out alongside West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and residents would not be moved from the building because there were no additional risks.

Senior fire safety manager Chris Kemp said: “Residents should make sure they are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures provided by Together Housing and make an escape plan so that they know what to do if there is a fire in their flat.

“If there is a fire in another flat in the building, they are usually safest in their own home unless they are affected by the heat or smoke.”