Hall of Fame tribute to city's world legends

SPORTING legends Ken Wagstaff and Chris Chilton will officially open Hull's "Hall of Fame" this Saturday.

The former Hull City strikers will unveil a plaque at the city's Trinity Market, which has become home to a tribute to the well-known and not so well known from the city who have put Hull on the map all over the world.

Stallholder Steve Mathie has already collected 130 photographs, which include images of slave emancipator William Wilberforce and poet Philip Larkin as well as relative unknowns like Hull-born Ebenezer Cobb Morley who founded the FA.

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Mr Mathie, who has run Spin It Records in the council-owned covered market for 15 years, spends three or four hours every week trawling the internet to do his research.

He said: "I got in touch with Ken Wagstaff's daughter – Ken doesn't come from Hull but he has really great links with the city. She thought it was a great idea and asked him and he said yes straight away. It was his idea to bring Chris Chilton. Between the pair of them they were quite formidable strikers."

Steve – who has self-financed the project from its beginning last autumn – has no intention of stopping yet.

"I'm carrying on – there's a lot more to go at. People come up to me and bring me more information about people I've never heard about.

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"I have become passionate about it because I like the effect it has on people.

"I wanted to show people in Hull that there's more to Hull than they read about in the papers."

As well as the celebrity opening of his full collection, he hopes to produce a book about all the people displayed and launch it as part of the city's Heritage Open Days in early September.