Halloween theme at Iron Age roundhouse

THIS weekend people will get the chance to celebrate the restoration and second anniversary of the Iron Age roundhouse, an ongoing archaeological project involving the University of Sheffield.

From 11am until 4pm on Sunday, members of the public will be invited to take part in fun family activities for Halloween, as well as explore the roundhouse, which will be specially decorated for Halloween.

Building work on the roundhouse began in October 2008 as part of a long-running project in partnership with the University of Sheffield's Department of Archaeology.

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It was built using traditional techniques and natural materials and is thatched with water reeds donated by Sheffield Rangers Service, while the walls are made from wattle and daub.

Last month, the roundhouse, at Heeley City Farm was attacked by arsonists, who set fire to the thatched roof, destroying the efforts of more than 1,000 volunteers who had helped build the six-metre-wide structure.

Volunteers have since been hard at work to restore it.

The Halloween themed event at the farm forms part of the National Family Learning Festival, and will give visitors the chance to have a go at some Iron Age crafts, including hand spinning, woodworking using a pole lathe and iron smelting.

Throughout the day, hungry visitors will be able to enjoy home made Iron Age food, thanks to the Heeley City Farm kitchen.

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Sally Rodgers, Heeley City Farm's Community Heritage Officer, said: "We have been working over the last month to repair the roundhouse after

the recent arson attack and have had so much support from the young people at the farm, the university and local residents.''