Health secretary Matt Hancock reveals he is dyslexic

The Health Secretary has revealed he is dyslexic and said he believes his career would have been held back without the help of technology.

Matt Hancock said he found out he had the common learning difficulty while at university, after a tutor noticed his struggle to get ideas down on paper.

He described technology as “an enormous enabler” in an interview with Alastair Campbell for the GQ November issue.

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He told the magazine: “I think if Microsoft had invented spellcheck five years later it would have had a massive negative impact on my career.

“I have never talked about this because it’s a weakness, and people don’t like talking about weakness, it makes you feel vulnerable, but with the help of technology, dyslexia helps you think laterally because you have to work your way round problems.”

Mr Hancock said he still considers himself to be a “very slow reader”.

He added: “I have to have things written in a pithy way. Upside is, I write in a pithy way as well.”