How many young people does it take to change a light bulb? None - they don't know how

TODAY'S younger generation lack basic DIY skills essential to run a house or maintain a car, a survey has found.

How hard can it be to change a light bulb?

The “rental generation” of 18-24 year-olds are failing in practical life skills, with nearly seven in ten unable even to descale a kettle.

Around 40 per cent of those surveyed by Tyre Shopper said they did not know how to change a light bulb, and less than a third could change the fuse in a household plug.

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More than half admitted they were unable to put up a shelf, and nearly as many didn’t know how to unblock a toilet.

Many young people lack basic DIY skills

Instead, most said they turned to their fathers for advice - with an online search on Google their second choice.

Calling in a tradesman was the first recourse for only one in ten people, with nearly twice as many turning instead to YouTube for advice.

Despite the younger generation’s supposed familiarity with technology, only 59 per cent of 18-24 year olds said they knew how to back up a computer - a similar number to over 55s.

Other household tasks with which young people said they struggled include fixing a bicycle puncture, checking the radiator coolant in a car and hanging wallpaper.

Many young people lack basic DIY skills

James Kelly, of Tyre Shopper, said: “It is important we don’t forget the basics when it comes to building up our practical skills in life.”

“It benefits us greatly to teach ourselves how to complete simple household and car repairs. Not only will this make our lives easier, it will also save us a significant amount of money on costly repairs and maintenance chargers.”