How to answer the most difficult questions your children have about nuclear war

Children may have questionsChildren may have questions
Children may have questions
Nuclear war can be a tricky subject to approach with children.

READ: Leeds named on hit list of Russia's nuclear targets in UKThey could have the words on TV and wonder what they mean, or heard a conversation at school where people were discussing it.

But if they have got questions about it, then there are ways to comfort and inform them.

Here are some ideas:

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- Remind them about the good things in the world, so that they feel comforted.

- Tell about the not-so-good things too, so that they have a good understanding.

- Make it as easy as possible for them to understand.

Revealed: The secret nuclear bunkers in and around Leeds- Sometimes, talking about difficult experiences of the past such as an accident or bad dreams can help engage them.

- Try and remain optimistic.

- Let them know that they have family and friends who love them and want to look after them.

- Remind them of how strong and brave they are.

- If you believe in God, tell them to pray for peace.

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- Explaining the life and death scenario, how nothing is certain and how on-one can predict the future could end the conversation well.

READ: Bizarre map reveals 'best place' in Yorkshire to avoid WW3 nuclear missile strike- Remember that the internet is awash with scary things and your children will hear snippets of the news or rumours from school friends.

- Make sure they are comfortable with what you have told them, that it has gone in and if they have any questions, you answer them as honestly as possible.