How’s about that? Biography lifts lid on Jimmy Savile’s lovers (with video)

FAMILY and friends of the late Sir Jimmy Savile have praised a new book about him but denied it only portrays a “sanitised” version of his life.

How’s About That, Then? - The Authorised Biography of Jimmy Savile was launched at the Queens Hotel in Leeds where his coffin was displayed in October and attracted over 5,000 people to pay their final respects.

Guests at the book launch included former lovers, friends and family members.

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Former girlfriend and lifelong friend Avril Harris, 68, described going out with him as a “surreal and wonderful experience”.

She described him as “highly intelligent man” who “used his brains to make a fantastic persona”.

“To me he was a wonderful man, a very loveable man - he did fantastic work,” she said.

Sir Jimmy’s niece Amanda McKenna described him as a “great mentor, friend and fantastic uncle” who cared about his family.

She denied the book was a “sanitised” version of his life.

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“I don’t think it’s sanitised at all. It is true to his life.”

She said the “big secret” about his life was that there isn’t one, although he did have “plenty of girlfriends”.

Friend Howard Silverman described Sir Jimmy as “just an ordinary guy”.

Asked about rumours that Sir Jimmy had a ‘secret daughter’, Mr Silverman said it was possible and that DNA test results would soon establish the truth.

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Sir Jimmy’s nephew, Roger Foster, said the ‘secret daughter’ story could “very well be true” but that the DNA test would prove it one way or the other.

He added: “I think the book could have been twice as big. I think it gets the drift of what he was about and how he reacted to other people.”

Mr Foster said his uncle would have been “amazed” by the public response to his death.

“The response of people shows what kind of popular person he was. At the time (of his death) the police said ‘to you he’s an uncle’ but to everybody else he is an icon.”

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The book is also supporting two Leeds based charities, The Little Sisters of the Poor and Bethany’s Smile which raises money for Martin House Hospice, Boston Spa. £1 from each copy sold will be donated to the charities.

• How’s About That, Then? has been written by journalist Alison Bellamy and is published by Great Northern Books, priced £16.99.

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