Huddersfield to get its own version of Monopoly - thanks to its famous cat

Felix's home is likely to be featured on the board
Felix's home is likely to be featured on the board
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Huddersfield has beaten Halifax to be awarded its own version of the popular board game.

Monopoly shortlisted 30 towns in the north as potential inspirations for a quirky new design, before putting the candidates out to a public vote.

And it seems the international fame of Huddersfield Station's railway cat and social media star Felix has helped the town beat off the competition.

Votes came from as far afield as the US, Japan, Iceland and Brazil - leading to Monopoly executives suspecting that the moggy's Facebook fame had swung the poll.

More than 11,000 people voted for either Huddersfield or Halifax - and in the end Huddersfield triumphed with 53 per cent of the share.

Felix was even invited to the game's official launch at St George's Square today.

One voter, Laurie Ekberg from Seattle, said:

“Huddersfield is a real Yorkshire town and there is nothing fake about it. Yorkshire people are known for their kindness and generosity and nowhere more so than Huddersfield! Felix the Huddersfield Station cat is one of the best things about Yorkshire. She has put Huddersfield on the map for the world and her Facebook page may well be the best thing on the net.”

Monopoly consultants Winning Moves UK proposed Huddersfield because of its soaring profile since the town's football team won promotion to the Premier League, while Halifax was shortlisted because of its appearance in TV dramas Last Tango in Halifax and Happy Valley.

Winning Moves will now manufacture the Huddersfield edition on licence from owners Hasbro, and hope it will be on the shelves by October.

The locations haven't been decided, and the public are once again invited to vote for contenders.

Felix's home, the Grade I-listed Huddersfield Station, is expected to feature, as are local landmarks Kirklees Stadium, Castle Hill and Emley Moor Mast.

The cat even has more Twitter followers that Doctor Who star Jodie Whitaker, who is from the town.

Diplomatic Felix herself has even said that both towns should have their own game.

You can suggest landmarks before the deadline of April 2 by emailing

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