Hunt on for fish-killing pollution vandals

ECO-VANDALS have been blamed for a pollution leak that killed thousands of fish including hundreds of brown trout in Yorkshire.

Environment Agency officers confirmed the pollution, which killed nearly 3,000 fish near Scarborough, is thought to have been caused by a “deliberate act”.

Biological tests have been carried out to determine the extent of the ecological damage after dead fish were spotted on Sunday in the Burniston Beck, between Cloughton and Scalby.

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Environment officer Stephen Richardson revealed the pollution is thought to have started in the Lindhead area on Saturday before quickly travelling downstream. The pollution has, however, been confined to the beck.

Mr Richardson added: “The results of our samples show no indication of what the pollutant was or what caused the fish to die, and the quality of the water is still very good.

“This is a very serious incident that we believe has been caused by a deliberate act.

“We will not hesitate to prosecute should we find the person or persons responsible.”

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Although the estimated number of dead fish totalled nearly 3,000, including more than 800 brown trout, live fish have since been seen swimming in the beck.

The tests also showed that invertebrates – beetles, shrimps and other creatures – appear to be unaffected.

A survey to determine the number of fish remaining in the beck is due to be carried out.