Inquest jury returns verdict after Leeds factory worker's death

A LEEDS factory worker suffered a fatal head injury while working on a machine he had not been formally trained to use, an inquest jury ruled.

Wakefield Coroner's Court

Matthew Fulleylove’s head became trapped between two machines running on tracks at concrete beam manufacturing plant Treanor Pujol on Pontefract Road, Stourton, on June 5 2014.

A jury returned a narrative verdict after a four-day inquest at Wakefield Coroner’s Court.

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The inquest heard Mr Fulleylove, 30, was in a recess area before he became trapped between a Prensoland saw and a bed cleaning machine as they passed on tracks.

Workers were able to free him and a colleague tried to revive him.

But Mr Fulleylove had suffered a fatal head injury and was pronounced dead at 12.01pm that day.

The jury foreman said Mr Fulleylove, of Ash Court, Killingbeck, was recruited as a fork lift truck driver at Treanor Pujol in 2013. He suffered an injury in October 2013 and was moved to a new role.

The inquest was told Mr Fulleylove had between six to 12 months experience of working on the Prensoland saw before the accident.

The foreman said: “There was no formal training documentation identified for the Prensoland saw prior to the accident.

“The company’s unwritten training policy was for an experienced charge hand/saw operative to informally train new staff.

“The training was based on the charge hand’s judgement with no formal competencies documented.

“The company did not identify a need for formal training when the machines passed as they did not identify this as a risk.”