Internet ideals

NO invention since the advent of the computer has had as much impact as the internet.

Yet users – whether they be individuals or businesses now totally dependent 
on electronic transactions – demand two things: access to high-speed broadband and measures to protect their personal security.

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Despite the profound advances of recent years, both remain formidable challenges. There is still a huge variation in broadband speeds in cities like Leeds, a digital divide even more pronounced in Yorkshire’s remoter outposts which have been left behind in this computer revolution.

Furthermore, the cyber attack on South Korea provides further proof 
that the internet could 
be a target for those who 
want to cause mass disruption. As such, the involvement of the intelligence agencies is a welcome step in combating the growing online threat to Britain’s businesses. But such a strategy will only work if every computer user – whether they be a corporate magnate or senior citizen logging on for the first time – remains vigilant at all times.