Italian court judgement ‘supports case for blocking beagle farm’

ANTI-VIVISECTIONISTS have claimed victory after an Italian judge convicted three executives at a beagle-breeding facility in Italy of cruelty.

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, which is fighting plans to expand an East Yorkshire facility owned by the same firm, says the Government should now reject the plans.

B&K said they would appeal.

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Green Hill in Montichiari, Brescia, was closed down in 2012 and 3,000 dogs and puppies were released to be rehomed.

It is owned by Marshall BioResources, the US company which also owns B&K, a beagle breeding facility in Grimston, in Holderness.

Among the convicted was co-manager Ghislane Rondot, vice president For European operations for B&K Universal.

The Communities Secretary will have the final say on whether the East Yorkshire facility, which would breed beagles as well as ferrets for research, will go ahead after an appeal against the plan’s rejection by councillors.

A decision could be on or before June 4.

Chief executive of the BUAV Michelle Thew said: “This is a landmark case that has revealed the shocking and hidden animal suffering that takes place within the beagle breeding industry; an industry based on profit where animals are treated as disposable products.

“Quite apart from the important planning issues raised in the B&K case, surely the Home Office should intervene to stop a company breeding beagles in Britain with a senior executive who has been convicted of cruelty.

“We call on Home Secretary Theresa May to act to ensure that this company is not considered to be fit and proper to breed beagles for experiments.”

However, a spokesman for B&K said: “The company was exonerated in previous proceedings so how can individuals be found guilty?

“We find it ludicrous and there will definitely be an appeal.”