Jarvin Blake murder: 'Force is on top of knife crime in Sheffield' says Crime Commissioner

Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings has said South Yorkshire Police is on top of knife crime in Sheffield despite the death of young father.

Dr Alan Billings

His comments come after Jarvin Blake, a young father of three small children, was knifed to death in Burngreave on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Blake, aged 22, from Gleadless, was chased by a group of men down Catherine Street and was fatally stabbed at the junction with Brackley Street at around 3.20pm.

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Dr Billings said stop and searches would continue but there wouldn't be a sharp increase in the measure.

Jarvin Blake was stabbed to death in Burngreave on Thursday

Asked whether the force had a handle on knife crime in Sheffield, Dr Billings said: Yes, they recognise crime of this nature is a big problem in our communities but they are on top of it.

"One of the reasons stop and search was never discontinued is because officers in this region use appropriate measures.

As PPC, I'm extremely concerned about the level of incidents across South Yorkshire but especially in Sheffield. It's shocking and sad that some people in our communities, they are for what ever reason, carrying knives and using them on other people.

"I'm so sad for what has happened and my thoughts go out to the young man's family."

Jarvin Blake was stabbed to death in Burngreave on Thursday

Dr Billings said he was due to meet the Home Secretary for a round table discussion with his counterparts in different parts of the country.

Funding, and a way to extend schemes like the successful Operation Spectre which focus specifically on blades.

Officers were seen across South Yorkshire scouring fields and communities for hidden knives.

The crime commissioner also said he was encouraged that mothers from the Somali community in Burngreave were asking officers to continue stop and search.

"That was really encouraging feedback I got from the force," Dr Billings said.

"Mothers from the Somali community in Burngreave were approaching officers asking them to continue to use stop and search because they were so anxious their children could get hurt.

"That was great to hear that officers have this kind of support out in the community."