Key move to stop burglars taking car

Jeni Harvey

POLICE in Doncaster are reminding people to keep their car keys out of sight after an increase in so-called “two-in-one” burglaries over the past few weeks.

This is where a burglar breaks into a property to steal car keys and then steals the vehicle.

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A spokesman for Doncaster Police said: “The most popular vehicle for this type of burglary seems to be the Audi and in particular, the A3 model, although other vehicles are equally at risk.”

Although house burglaries are down 15 per cent since the same period last year, there has been a slight increase in the two-in-one burglaries.

Detective Inspector Steve Whittaker said: “We are doing everything we can to prevent and detect these type of offences and I would urge the public to assist us by removing their car keys from view and where possible take them upstairs to bed with them.

“We have had a slight increase in two-in-one burglary offences, and on nearly each occasion high-valued vehicles are taken – usually as a result of car keys being taken from the kitchen or keys left in the door.”

He urged people to treat their car keys as an expensive item and not leave them lying around.