Labour wins by-election

Labour last night held on to a crucial seat in a Wakefield Council by-election. If Labour had lost the seat it would have lost overall control of the local authority for the first time since 1974. Last night's election result means it has kept its overall majority. The new Labour councillor is Les Shaw, 57, above.

The by-election for the Airedale and Ferry Fryston ward followed the death of long-standing Labour councillor Graham Phelps, 61, last November. He last defended the seat in 2008, when he had a 773 majority over the BNP candidate, Stephen Rogerson, who stood again this time.

Result: Les Shaw (Lab), 1330; Paul Kirby, (Lib Dem) 603; Stephen Rogerson (BNP) 353; Carl Milner (Con), 275; and Jason Smart (Ind), 102. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.