Latest: Harrogate's Parkrun will not have to pay for using The Stray

The organisers of Harrogate's Parkrun, one of the most popular weekly events held each Saturday on The Stray, need not worry - Harrogate's is one council that will not be charging Parkrun.

Home of the popular Harrogate Parkrun - The Stray
Home of the popular Harrogate Parkrun - The Stray

The BBC reported today in the national news today that Stoke Gifford Parish Council had voted to charge the organisers of Parkrun UK in Little Stoke Park, near Bristol for using its public park on a Saturday morning.

London Marathon winner Paula Radcliffe had called the decision "short-sighted" and said Parkrun should remain "free for everyone, always" but last night a council near Bristol became the first one in the UK to vote to charge Parkrun a fee for the use of its public grounds.

Now Harrogate Borough Council has shown, unlike some councils, it does support runners by conforming it will not be charging organisers of Harrogate Parkrun which is free to enter each Saturday morning.