Leeds family's dog dies after being Tasered by police

A Leeds mum has criticised police after her dog died when it was Tasered during a raid on her property.

Officers attended Terrasa Bolton's home in Swarcliffe to search for a man wanted for arrest.

Gruesome photos released of police officer's injuries after being bitten in Moortown dog attackTerrasa, 29, claims her American bulldog Narla became frightened by the incident and barked at the officers - who deployed a Taser device to subdue her.

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However, West Yorkshire Police say the dog behaved aggressively towards officers, who feared for their safety. Narla's body has now been taken away for breed testing.

Mother-of-two Terrasa said:

"When I went to answer the my back door the dog was barking. My dog was scared and protective of its territory. My two children (aged 10 and eight) are traumatised.

"She was my kids' best friend and she didn’t have an aggressive bone in her body."

West Yorkshire Police said:

"Shortly after midnight in the early hours of Saturday, officers were conducting arrest enquiries at an address in Langbar Place, Swarcliffe, for a suspect who was wanted over domestic violence offences.

"When officers called at the house, a large dog came out of the property and was aggressive towards the officers who feared for their safety and the safety of the public.

"An officer deployed a Taser to subdue the dog which unfortunately resulted in the death of the animal.

"The dog has been recovered for specialist assessment to establish its breed and a crime has been recorded for having a dog dangerously out of control.

"The use of Taser was reviewed and deemed to be legitimate and proportionate in the circumstances.

"A complaint has been received in relation to the incident and this has been referred to West Yorkshire Police’s Professional Standards Directorate."

A 24-year-old man was arrested at the house and charged with offences unrelated to the dog.