Leeds has the UK's cheapest Uber journeys

The news that taxi app Uber will be banned from operating cars in London has caused shock in the capital.

Uber's private hire licence was withdrawn by Transport for London over concerns about passenger safety and driver behaviour - although they plan to appeal the decision.

So far, there have been no plans announced to ban Uber from 19 other British cities and regions where it is licensed to operate.

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Leeds has also been revealed as the cheapest place in the UK to hail an Uber.

The base fare (minimum price) for a ride in a basic UberX car is just 70p - compared to £2.80 in Brighton, the most expensive city.

Journeys in Cambridge, London, the south coast, Cardiff and Belfast all cost at least £2, while York is the most pricey northern city, with a base fare of £1.95

Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, and Newcastle are mid-table with trips costing at least £1.50.

An Uber in Sheffield will cost at least £1.10 and in Manchester journeys are a minimum of £1.

Leeds is only slightly cheaper than Liverpool, where Ubers can be hired for a minimum of 80p.