Leeds newly weds turning heads for a different reason

A newly married couple should always be the centre of attention on their wedding day '“ but for Victoria and Jim Lee, they drew attention for a rather different reason.

The steampunk newly weds with family anf friends outside Leeds Town Hall.
The steampunk newly weds with family anf friends outside Leeds Town Hall.

The pair decided on a steampunk theme for their ceremony at Leeds Register Office on Saturday.

Steampunk is a subculture and type of fashion that usually combines historical elements with technological features inspired by science fiction – but there are many off-shoot styles.

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Mrs Lee, of Aston View in Bramley, said: “We were getting a lot [of looks]. People were stopping and going ‘Wow, look at these’.

“It was fantastic.”

But the ceremony almost could not go ahead because Mrs Lee, 44, broke all the bones in her ankle in the early stages of planning the marriage last November.

“I tripped over my cat and fell down the stairs,” she said.

She had to undergo an operation and months of physiotherapy.

And a problem with a previous maker of Victoria’s black gown meant that she almost had no dress for the wedding – until Rawdon-based Bridal Apparel saved the day and delivered one at 4.50pm on the day before the service.

However, these were not the only occasions that events conspired against the couple.

Victoria first met Jim through a mutual friend after she moved to Leeds when she was 20.

She said: “He almost ran his car into the back of my car. We ended up having a massive row and I hated him instantly.”

However years later Jim, who is now 43, got in touch over social media and the relationship bloomed.

Victoria is originally from Preston in Lancashire, and said: “It’s like a white rose and a red rose.”