Leeds secondary becomes city's first state school to teach classics

A secondary school in north Leeds is to add classics to its curriculum - making it the first state school in the city to do so.

Allerton Grange School in Moortown will offer GCSE and A Level courses in classical civilisation from September this year.

The decision was taken after a history teacher and classics graduate at the school successfully lobbied the senior leadership team to introduce the subject.

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Classics involves the study of societies in ancient Greece and Rome, and incorporates elements of literature, philosophy, history and art.

There has recently been controversy after it was revealed that an overwhelming number of students applying to study classics at university were from the private sector, where the subject is frequently taught.

A state secondary in Sheffield even turned to crowdfunding last year to protect its Latin courses.

Allerton Grange has forged links with the University of Leeds classics department and secured external funding to enable it to teach the subject.

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Miss Williams, who spearheaded the drive to add classics to the curriculum, said:

“It’s rarely heard of for students who attend state-funded schools to study classics. When it comes to future opportunities, such as university and employment, having a GCSE or A Level in classics really does impress.”