A Leeds social club's demolition plans set to go under the spotlight

Plans to replace a long-standing Leeds social club with 140 flats are set to go before an influential panel of councillors this week.

An artist's impression of how the flats could look. (Credit: Burley Road Limited)
An artist's impression of how the flats could look. (Credit: Burley Road Limited)

Applicants Burley Road Limited want to redevelop the former Burley Liberal Club, along with nearby sports pitches, to create a new complex of 143 flats over six floors.

It would also include car parking and what is referred to as “modest amenities”.

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The council’s planning policy claims the building is in an area of the city that requires 20 per cent of its homes to be three-bedroom or more.

However, the application only plans for 10 per cent of its flats to have three or more bedrooms. The applicant states it is because housing tenants in the area tend to be younger adults, and don’t need the extra space to raise families.

A report from Leeds City Council said: “The local demographic would suggest that the need for larger dwellings is less than the Leeds average and, due to the constrained nature of the site which is surrounded by busy roads, it could be considered that it is less suited to family-sized units and this may present a case for a higher proportion of units not aimed at the family market.”

A position statement on the site is set to be made at the council’s South and West Plans Panel on Thursday, January 17.