Let it snow – Yorkshire folk aren’t fazed by prospect of worst winter in 50 years

Bring it on - that’s the message from Yorkshire amid warnings that the county needs to brace itself for the worst winter in 50 years.

Traffic queues near a snowy Wellington Street in Leeds during 2010.
Traffic queues near a snowy Wellington Street in Leeds during 2010.

A combination of freak conditions including the most powerful El Nino on record and changes in air pressure over the Arctic are set to cause the icy conditions.

Forecasters say snow is expected to start falling in Yorkshire in December and continue until March, although the first glimpse of the white stuff could come in early November.

But, true to form, the Yorkshire Evening Post’s hardy bunch of readers are making light of the predictions of a winter to forget.

Writing on the YEP website, Freeman Leeds said: “I dont believe any of it! summer is always going to be the hottest on record and never is! Easiest way....look out of the window on a morning! lol.”

8ballofwakefield, meanwhile, said: “Here’s my forecast. It will be nowhere near as bad as they say it will be and we will probably get a few days in January and February where the whole traffic system comes to a standstill due to a couple of inches of snow.”

Trisha NF added: “Suppose that means that we’re in for a nondescript, wettish, mildish, dryish (sometimes) sort of a winter!!”

Over on Facebook, Kevin Deaves Docherty wrote: “They cant get the forecast right for the same day never mind months in advance.”

Another Facebooker, Lesley Rose Wigram, posted: “I expect what will really happen is we’ll get a week or two of snow at some stage then a couple of days more towards the end of the winter.”

Charlie Brookes was also in upbeat mood on Facebook, saying: “Kids will love it, snow days every day for months!”