‘Lollypop’ patrols at risk from bad drivers

SCHOOL crossing patrols are to get new high visibility uniforms in Kirklees following incidents where drivers have ignored them.

Kirklees Council has confirmed it wants to make the lollypop patrols “more visible and obvious” to encourage drivers to comply with requests to stop.

The uniform is yellow and red and has been shown to be more visible to motorists when it has been used in other parts of the country. In Kirklees, school crossing patrols regularly report drivers who fail to stop for patrols when they are in the centre of the road.

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Failing to stop for a patrol can lead to a fine of up to £1,000, three penalty points and possible disqualification.

A council spokeswoman said: “In Kirklees this year there have been some serious incidents and two drivers have been taken to court and to help prevent more instances Kirklees Council is working with West Yorkshire Police to crack down on drivers who fail to stop for crossing patrols.”

Kirklees Council’s cabinet member for place, Coun Cathy Scott, said: “It is appalling that drivers are failing to stop for our patrols. Not only is this against the law but it puts
our patrols and the children they are helping to cross in great danger. We will be working in partnership with the police to make our patrols and pedestrians safer.”

Inspector David Peach said: “We are pleased to work with the council as patrols do a very special job helping children and adults safely across busy roads.

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“West Yorkshire Police do not tolerate drivers who deliberately ignore a school crossing patrol. We would like to remind drivers that patrols are legally entitled to stop traffic. Drivers who do not stop are breaking the law and could put the lives of children at risk. Children’s perception of speed and distance is different from adults and this should be at the forefront of driver’s minds. We will be visiting patrols, especially those that have had problems with motorists.”