Man on way home from mosque

A 75-year-old man died after being stabbed in the back as he returned from evening prayers at his mosque.

Mohammed Saleem Chaudhry, who used a walking stick, was stabbed three times just yards from his home in Birmingham at about 10.30pm on Monday.

Neighbours, who reported hearing screams, called for the police and an ambulance but the pensioner died before reaching hospital.

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Police described the murder as a “vicious attack” for which there was no apparent motive.

At a Press conference, Detective Superintendent Mark Payne, from West Midlands Police, 
added: “We need to find these people, we will find these people and we are appealing to the 
community to come forward and help us to catch them and put them behind bars where they belong.”

Mr Chaudhry’s daughter, Shazia Khan, 45, said: “We’re just so shocked. For him to lose his life in such a brutal way.

“It’s very tragic. He was very well respected in the community.

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“He’s such a lovely man, I just can’t believe it. Everyone old and young knew him.”

Mr Chaudhry, a grandfather of 22, used to walk to the mosque five times each day from the home he shared with his wife Said Begum in Small Heath.

A spokesman for the mosque where Mr Chaudhry worshipped said: “Mr Saleem Chaudhry was a pious, humble, caring and honest man, who had a bubbly, charismatic character.

“He was a well known and respected person within our community.”