Man run over by scrap raiders in van

A MAN is recovering in hospital after being knocked down by a van while trying to stop thieves stealing scrap metal from a family firm.

The 59-year-old was working at Barnsley-based SR Recycling at about 1.20pm yesterday when he saw two men steal scrap metal and attempt to flee in a Ford Transit van.

He ran to shut the gates of Oakwell Business Centre but instead the van knocked him over and fled the scene.

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The man, whose son owns the business, was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises to his back, legs and face. His condition is said to be "comfortable."

Three men have been arrested and are currently being questioned by police.

A spokesman for SR Recycling said: "He's got bruises to his back and cuts and bruises to his face from where he was hit by the windscreen, which was smashed.

"He's also got injuries to his legs. They're carrying out further examinations to determine whether or not there are any internal injuries.

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"We're hoping he will escape with bruises, but this could have been far worse. He could have been killed."

SR Recycling specialises in recycling electrial and electronic waste such as flat screen televisions, computers, telephones and office machinery.

It is one of several small companies operating from the Oakwell Business Centre run by Barnsley Council.

Simon Robinson, managing director of SR Recycling, said: "For several years we've been asking for increased security on this site.

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"We knew we were at risk but we never thought it would come to this.

"There literally could've been a death on site yesterday.

He added: "Barnsley Council needs to take responsibility for security on the site and make sure that we and our property are safe while we are at work.

"The problem is that there's not enough security, there's no barriers, so the thieves are just driving up into the site, helping themselves to whatever they want and then making off with it."

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said police were taking this incident "very seriously."

No one from Barnsley Council was available for comment.