Man tried to flee country is arrested on plane

A BURGLAR involved in a confrontation with a householder in Leeds subsequently tried to flee the country using his brother’s passport.

Leeds Crown Court heard Paul Capuvanno got on a flight to Spain in September having booked a ticket with Jet 2 posing as his brother Kevin.

But police were close behind him and although he was already in the air when they got to Manchester Airport they were able to alert authorities in Spain who held him at the airport on his arrival and put him back on a flight to the UK.

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Jon Gregg prosecuting said Capuvanno was arrested when that flight landed at Manchester and his brother’s passport was found on him.

The burglary for which he was wanted happened on August 10 at a house in Tingle View, New Farnley, Leeds when a couple arrived home during the afternoon and realised someone was inside.

The man went upstairs to check and saw a movement in the bedroom then spotted Capuvanno and tried to take hold of him. There was a violent struggle until the burglar broke free.

Mr Gregg said at that point the householder decided “discretion was the better part of valour” and went downstairs to wait for police who had been called by his wife.

When officers arrived it was discovered Capuvanno had escaped through a first floor bedroom window using bedding dumped outside to soften his landing. The couple’s bedroom had been ransacked.

Property totalling £2,500 had been taken including jewellery of a sentimental nature. The burglar had also left blood behind and it was that which identified him.

Mr Gregg said there was some contact from Capuvanno indicating he intended to hand himself in but did not do so before he made his way to Manchester Airport.

The victim of the burglary said she now felt physically sick whenever she went into her bedroom and had not been able to remove the bloodstains left behind by the intruder. Capuvanno told the court he had returned the jewellery to police and not sold it.

Balbir Singh representing him said he had been under pressure to repay some money to family members and had gone to collect wood to burn in his wood stove when he saw the window open of the house concerned.

He had not sought a confrontation. Since his remand in Hull Prison he had been teaching illiterate prisoners and helping with induction of new inmates. He also had the offer of work available on his release.

Capuvanno, 44 of Mortimer Row, Laisterdyke, Bradford, admitted the burglary and possessing an identity document for improper purpose.

Jailing him for a total of three years, Judge James Spencer QC said the defendant ransacked the bedroom and struggled with the occupier. He said: “You then decided to use your brother’s passport in order to go to Spain to avoid detention.”